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A Bit About Me

Welcome! My name is Stephanie R. Yates-Anyabwile, also known as Steph Anya. I am a Licensed Associate Marriage & Family Therapist. You may know me from my YouTube channel where I share mental health content for fellow therapists, those in the process of becoming therapists, and those who are simply trying to create their best life. 

A bit about my personal life; I live in Atlanta, GA. I have a wonderful husband who I have been with for over 10 years and married to for nearly 4. We bought our first home right before our wedding. As for kids? For now, I'm a proud plant mom!

Professionally, I began graduate school while working full-time at a financial software company. I juggled those two roles for nearly 2 years until the demands of my internship forced me to quit my job. I proudly graduated after 2.5 years from Northcentral University (NCU) with a 4.0, and passed my licensure exam that same year the first time that I took it! I am a bit obsessed with this work, and honestly I miss graduate school.

One of the unexpected results of my YouTube channel, is that I have met so many wonderful people who also have a passion for mentally and emotionally supporting others. People in all different phases of their marriage and family therapy journey were asking me questions about graduate school, career options, salary, etc. I started getting so many requests for phone calls and coffee dates, that I figured it would be good to offer consultations to anyone who needed them instead of exclusively having these in-depth conversations with my own small network and community.

I would love to meet you, answer your questions, and help you create the life you want as a therapist!

I’m so excited to share that this past w
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