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What are clients saying?

"It honestly felt like catching up with a new friend! Stephanie is super personable, and I can tell that she has a heart for this work. In terms of our session: I tend to do a lot of research beforehand, and she was able to share the information that I couldn't just use Google for. She's such a great resource!"

— Chrystal G.


"This is awesome! Thank you for providing this service as well as for your wealth of knowledge during today’s meeting. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to educate those of us who are looking into Marriage and Family Therapy. The consultation was easy going and you were more than ready to answer all of my questions."

— Kimberly H.


"My consultation was so helpful, informative, and all of my questions were thoroughly answered! Stephanie was super friendly, well prepared, resourceful, and knowledgeable on the topics that we planned to discussed. She even went as far as to offer extra resources, advice and contacts to strengthen me as an graduate school candidate. I received exactly what I wanted from our call, and gained so much career path direction in just 30 minutes. 10/10 would recommend!!!

— Jada H.

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